Lesson23:Research Findings(2)

My materials, not explain about relationship between English and product development. In product development jobs English is not necessary? I don’t think so. I explain why am I think so.

In my article, I said presentation skill and analyze skill are necessary to get a work with product development. If I develop extremely popular product, this product will be overseas expansion. In that case maybe other person who can speak English sell my product to foreign countries company. I can entrust him or her my product, But If I can help him, It is maybe easier to success than with out me. In addition , these days the popular products often import. If I can research what is popular in foreign countries and I analyze foreign countries trends. In order to do that, I should get a English comunication skill and read English materials skill. There is strong skills in my job.

Other reason, English is big selling point in job hunting to most companies. Many companies developing product. For example Lawson has a excellent product development section. They often development popular and attractive products. This year Lawson employment 60 new graduates. It is unbelievable that 20 employees out of 60 employees is foreigner. In other data, Fast Retailing(UNIQLO is subsidiary) employment 80percent foreigner on graduates. From that data, we can know many big companies attach importance to English skill. Having English skill is advantage to get a job, so person who has English skill is can choose from more kind of jobs than person who has not English skill. The jobs include product development.



Lesson22:Research Findings(1)

I read 5 English materials and 2 Japanese materials for my research. I learned the process of product development and I learned necessary skills and necessary qualifications to be get a job with a product development.


The process of product development is divided into 8steps. Step1 is a generating. Do a SWOT analyses and marketing trends research. Step2 is screening the idea. Decide the idea is continued or dropped. Step4 is business analytics. Built a system of metrics to monitor progress. Step5 is marketability tests. Step6 is technicalities and product development. Final check each section. Step7 is commercialize. Final step is post launch review and perfect pricing.

Before read the materials I thought the work of product development is only generating. But in reality, the generating is a first step. The product development still have 7steps.


The necessary skills and necessary qualifications are many. The necessary skills are three. Firstly, presentation skill. Presentation skill is necessary for continue the new product. Before the new product release, need to pass the many difficulties. The biggest difficulty is screening the idea. It is step2. The presentation skill is necessity to pass the step2. Secondly, analyze skill. Research the market demand and Research the fashion on the market. This skills are use on step1 generating. Finally, ability to take responsibility and leadership. The product development is not personally work. It is group work. So if someone become to prosuct development manager, he or she need that skills.

The necessary qualifiations are three. Firstly business career qualification. This qualification is proof of acquire the wide knowledge for planning and marketing. It is popular qualification. Secondly product planner(商品プランナー) qualification. The product planner is researching target clientele, pricing, setting brand image,market analizing. Then planning analyzing. Finally, product planning(商品開発士) qualification. This quarification proof of be able to evaluate the product from the market view.

I didn’t know that qualifications before read materials. If I get three qualifications, maybe I can get a work with product development easily. I will search three qualifications detail and I will study.

Lesson21:Annotated Bibliography(2)



The Marketing Donut:http://www.marketingdonut.co.uk/marketing/market-research/new-product-research/new-product-development-faqs





This source explains about product development’s basis with FAQ style. The most useful question is what do we need for successful product development. The answer is people who want to successful product development need to five skills market research skills, design skills financial skills. The market research skill is the most important. It is the new product meets customer demand. The design skill is from the new product design to pack aging design. The financial skill is for product budgeting and product pricing. The company need big sufficient resources for new product. Also the sales of product is largely influence by pricing.


This source explains about what is the Important in new product development. The new product must have features. Of course the features have to meets for customer’s requirements. Also this source explains about which is better develop completely new product or improve existing one. Improving existing product is a low risk. It is generally easier than developing completely new ideas. Because already known about customer demand and production process. How ever developing complety new product have high potential. If the new product is success, rewards can be huge





This source is the most useful in I read sources. This source is FAQ style, so easy to understand what is writtn in the paragraph. From this source I can learn form basics of product development to risks on new product. I know making new products have a many risks. But new product have big potentials. I yhink it is more attractive than risks.


Lesson21: Annoteted Bibliography (1)



Keiko Kawamata.(2014).The Role of Trust in the Creation of Popular Cultural Products:The Case of Japanese Manga.Faculty of business administration,Asia University49(2), 57-72.Retrieved from http://ci.nii.ac.jp/els/110009751463.pdf?id=ART0010243573&type=pdf&lang=jp&host=cinii&order_no=&ppv_type=0&lang_sw=&no=1413398911&cp=





In Japan, Manga is a big market. For example Jaoanese anime, TV programmes, motion pictures and goods, of course manga book is too. Manga is the most popular cultural products. In manga criation, editor is important. The relationship betweem Mangaka(comic author) and editor. That’s why manga is popular.

Explain about the major Japanese publishing companies creation process. First the mangaka submits the original to the editor. The editer gives advice regardless of quality. In this time the interactive process starts. Mangaka criate 3nemu(story boards). Then the editor and captain decide whether the work marits submission to the serialisation meeting. If nemu pass a editor and captain examen, entry to the serialisation meeteing decides on starting new serials and cancelling existing ones. Finally start the serialisation.

Manga is a sophisticated by these process. From the relationship between mangaka and editor, Japanese manga is match with customer demand and society trend.




I think this source is not useful. Because this source exolain about only criate Manga process. I want to learn product development process. Also this source written about only manga. If this source explain about manga and some other culture, I can comparison of cultual products, then I use this source.

After I get a job with product development, this article is useful. Because the relationship between proposer and adviser is important. It is not only manga creation.

Lesson20:Annotated Bibliography (2)


salary for BUSINESS com:http://skills.salary.com/Job/Product-Development-Manager




This article explain about product development manager’s role and responsibilities and what kind of skills is needed.

The product development manager’s role is serves as member and conduct the organization. The product development manager should supervise them and manage their activities from product development manager’s experience.

The product development manager has the following many responsibilities. For example prepares and manags research and development budget, correct evaluates and addresses market needs and demands, appointment, motivate staffs and so on.

Also, the product development manager should have many skills. Compare product development methodologies, monitors enterprise, leadership, discussion sbility.




I think this article might just useful. I should learn about the product development manager’s roles, responsibilities and skills for finding What should I do in college. This article have not enough information. But I could learn outline of roles, responsibilities and skills. If I find a article which explain about that more detail, I will change article.

Lesson 20:Annotated Bibliography(1)






This article explain about 8 steps of product development process.

Step 1 is generating. Utilizing SWOT analyses and learn marketing trends. Step2 is screening the idea. Many ideas stop with here. Decide the idea is continued or dropped. Step 3 is testing the concept. Decide the concept of new product. Step 4 is bisuness analytics. Built a asystem of metrics to monitor progress include input matrics and output metrics. Step 5 is Marketability tests. Step 6 is technicalities and product development. Final check each sections such as production department, marketing department and finance department. Step 7 is commrcialize. Selling a product and looking for problem. Step 8 is Post launch review and perfect pricing. Review the process and look for continues improvements.



I think this article is very useful. I have interest in product development, but I did not know about that in detail. I learned the process of product development from this article. This knowledge will be basis of my research.


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