1. Intoduction

(1)Purpose of the study

I have not decided my future job clearly. But I interest in product development. So I research to product development and I think about my future job seriously.


(2) The reason of I interest in product development

I want to do a creative job because of my father’s job.



This research is very important. Because I can’t make a college life plan with out deciding my future job.


(4)Research questions

[1].What is the content of product development work?

[2].What are the requirements to get a job with product development?



(1)Data collection

Explain about content of product development work and necessary skills and effective certificates.

(2)Data analysis

What is important and attention to product development work.



(1)Answers&interprecations for RQ1.

Explain about 7steps of product development and attention points briefly.

(2)Answers&interprecations for RQ2

Explain about necessary skills and effective certificates briefly. Which skill I did not have yet and which certificate is most effective.



(1)English&career development

Although I don’t have English skill completely, I can work in product development. However if I want to work with highly evaluate, English skill is necessary.

(2)Two-Year plan for future career

I will belong to Takeda seminar from next semester. The content of seminar’s study is agree with product development work. So I study hard in seminar. Also I will get some certificates.

(3)Summary of this research project


This research is very hard for me. But I think this research is mainingful. I will put a 2years plan into action.




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