Lesson24:Plans for Future Career

I explained about 3 necessary skills. That is presentation skill, analyze skill and leader ship. And I explained about 3 important qualifications. That is business career qualification, product planner qualification (商品プランナー) , and product planning qualification (商品開発士). I should acquire skills and I should learn knowledge of product development like 3 qualifications until I graduate from Aoyama Gakuin University. So I make a plan of get a work with product development and being a successful candidate for product development.

The first step is learn basics knowledge of product development and get necessary skills. The method of that is study hard at university class, seminar and study my self. The university class and seminar include lecture on product development and presentation. But it is not enough. So I should study my self like read a book and information gathering on the internet about product development.

The second stage is the application of my basics knowledge. I belong to Takeda seminar from next semester. This seminar study about marketing and supply chain management. Of course the marketing is important for product development. But the supply chain management is important for product development too. Because in the process of product development include make a distribution and pricing. I will work hard to my seminar activity and I will practice what I have learned.

The final stage is the test my abilities. I have not found the proper method of that. I thinking some method now. For example graduation thesis and some qualifying examination.

I start the first step from now.




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