Lesson23:Research Findings(2)

My materials, not explain about relationship between English and product development. In product development jobs English is not necessary? I don’t think so. I explain why am I think so.

In my article, I said presentation skill and analyze skill are necessary to get a work with product development. If I develop extremely popular product, this product will be overseas expansion. In that case maybe other person who can speak English sell my product to foreign countries company. I can entrust him or her my product, But If I can help him, It is maybe easier to success than with out me. In addition , these days the popular products often import. If I can research what is popular in foreign countries and I analyze foreign countries trends. In order to do that, I should get a English comunication skill and read English materials skill. There is strong skills in my job.

Other reason, English is big selling point in job hunting to most companies. Many companies developing product. For example Lawson has a excellent product development section. They often development popular and attractive products. This year Lawson employment 60 new graduates. It is unbelievable that 20 employees out of 60 employees is foreigner. In other data, Fast Retailing(UNIQLO is subsidiary) employment 80percent foreigner on graduates. From that data, we can know many big companies attach importance to English skill. Having English skill is advantage to get a job, so person who has English skill is can choose from more kind of jobs than person who has not English skill. The jobs include product development.





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