Lesson21:Annotated Bibliography(2)



The Marketing Donut:http://www.marketingdonut.co.uk/marketing/market-research/new-product-research/new-product-development-faqs





This source explains about product development’s basis with FAQ style. The most useful question is what do we need for successful product development. The answer is people who want to successful product development need to five skills market research skills, design skills financial skills. The market research skill is the most important. It is the new product meets customer demand. The design skill is from the new product design to pack aging design. The financial skill is for product budgeting and product pricing. The company need big sufficient resources for new product. Also the sales of product is largely influence by pricing.


This source explains about what is the Important in new product development. The new product must have features. Of course the features have to meets for customer’s requirements. Also this source explains about which is better develop completely new product or improve existing one. Improving existing product is a low risk. It is generally easier than developing completely new ideas. Because already known about customer demand and production process. How ever developing complety new product have high potential. If the new product is success, rewards can be huge





This source is the most useful in I read sources. This source is FAQ style, so easy to understand what is writtn in the paragraph. From this source I can learn form basics of product development to risks on new product. I know making new products have a many risks. But new product have big potentials. I yhink it is more attractive than risks.





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