Lesson21: Annoteted Bibliography (1)



Keiko Kawamata.(2014).The Role of Trust in the Creation of Popular Cultural Products:The Case of Japanese Manga.Faculty of business administration,Asia University49(2), 57-72.Retrieved from http://ci.nii.ac.jp/els/110009751463.pdf?id=ART0010243573&type=pdf&lang=jp&host=cinii&order_no=&ppv_type=0&lang_sw=&no=1413398911&cp=





In Japan, Manga is a big market. For example Jaoanese anime, TV programmes, motion pictures and goods, of course manga book is too. Manga is the most popular cultural products. In manga criation, editor is important. The relationship betweem Mangaka(comic author) and editor. That’s why manga is popular.

Explain about the major Japanese publishing companies creation process. First the mangaka submits the original to the editor. The editer gives advice regardless of quality. In this time the interactive process starts. Mangaka criate 3nemu(story boards). Then the editor and captain decide whether the work marits submission to the serialisation meeting. If nemu pass a editor and captain examen, entry to the serialisation meeteing decides on starting new serials and cancelling existing ones. Finally start the serialisation.

Manga is a sophisticated by these process. From the relationship between mangaka and editor, Japanese manga is match with customer demand and society trend.




I think this source is not useful. Because this source exolain about only criate Manga process. I want to learn product development process. Also this source written about only manga. If this source explain about manga and some other culture, I can comparison of cultual products, then I use this source.

After I get a job with product development, this article is useful. Because the relationship between proposer and adviser is important. It is not only manga creation.




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