Lesson20:Annotated Bibliography (2)


salary for BUSINESS com:http://skills.salary.com/Job/Product-Development-Manager




This article explain about product development manager’s role and responsibilities and what kind of skills is needed.

The product development manager’s role is serves as member and conduct the organization. The product development manager should supervise them and manage their activities from product development manager’s experience.

The product development manager has the following many responsibilities. For example prepares and manags research and development budget, correct evaluates and addresses market needs and demands, appointment, motivate staffs and so on.

Also, the product development manager should have many skills. Compare product development methodologies, monitors enterprise, leadership, discussion sbility.




I think this article might just useful. I should learn about the product development manager’s roles, responsibilities and skills for finding What should I do in college. This article have not enough information. But I could learn outline of roles, responsibilities and skills. If I find a article which explain about that more detail, I will change article.




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