Week 17: Future Career

I want to get a job with a product development. When I was high school student first year, I started to think of that. I have a two reasons of I want to wark at product development.

Firstly, I like go to some popular store. For example I often go to TokyuHands in Shibuya and Shinjuku. The season item section is especially very attracted. The items fereauently changed and a product display method is interesting. The reaso of I like go to some popular stores because I want to know why this store is popular and I want to find which item is popular. I am excited when I find interesting product display or interesting items. So I want to make a attractive item.

Secondly, I want to get a job with some creative job. My father is a composer. I look his work from early childfood. I admire his work, I seemed criattesomethin is so cool. So I think in the future I want to work to criative something from early childhood.

I have not decided future job concrete yet. I will study marketing and business administration earnestly, I can find my future job which criative and attractive one.


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