Lesson13:Presentation Notes

My part of presentation is explain seven sources briefly. This part is difficult. Because we read seven very long articles, but my time limit is only 4minits. I should summarize shortly and pick up points from each article. We read articles about Seven-Eleven in Asia country. There is considerable overlap between the contents of these articles. So put together articles explain about the same country or same content.

Article1 is explain about Seven-Eleven in Hong Kong. The main topic is customer satisfaction. Seven-Eleven Hong Kong try to keep high staff service quality to increase customer satisfaction.

Article3 is explain about Seven-Eleven in Taiwan. Taiwan is high dense populated region. Therefore Seven-Eleven Taiwan is open on a small site. They give high priority to food section and get many customers. The main customer is company employee. They visit Seven-Eleven to buy a lunch and snacks.

Article4 and 5, explain about Seven-Eleven China mainland.  Chinese customers like to fresh foods. Seven-Eleven China cooks fast foods each store, and sells that right now. Seven-Eleven China make a new demand and get customers.

Article2, 6 and 7, explain about Seven-Eleven in Japan. Seven-Eleven Japan established point of sale (POS) system and distribution system. Seven-Eleven achieved success in Asia countries because of these 2 systems.

My presentation outline is that. I will add more detail information.





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