Lesson11:Business and English

I am student of business administration. I study business administration every day.  Business management administration is birth from United States. Moreover these days the United States is more advanced than other countries in business administration too.  As a result accurate, good quality, technical and the most advanced information of business administration is in English. For example Master of Business Administration (MBA). It is the most distinguished business school all over the world.

According to English class, I have read public article in English. If I don’t take this English class, I ever read public article in English. I will never have a chance like this again. I did not study hard English grammar and English word. My English skill is weak. So this English class is very difficult to me. Mr. Iida has not done grammar test and vocabulary test. Mr. Iida teaches us how to read English article, how to insistence my idea and how to write formal essay. I have never taken such a English class. So that, I was confuse and I study hard every Wednesday. Therefore I learned a possible method to read important point of article and explain my opinion in English, if English skill is weak. These are the most important thing to studying business administration and live in business society.





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