I researched about Seven-Eleven in Asia. Seven-Eleven was success in many foreign countries. I search for the reason of that and I found 3 connect point from 7 articles.

Firstly, Seven-Eleven uses point of sale (POS) system. POS system developed  by Seven-Eleven Japan. This system is record of the customer buy what and  when the customer bought it. Owing to POS system Seven-Eleven works out marketing strategy easily.

Secondly, Seven-Eleven efforts to give a good impression to the public. Seven-Eleven works for not only their benefit, but also country’s society.  For example they expand welfare services and  they makes a detail operating manual for store staff. Seven-Eleven store staffs provide high quality service. It is lead to customer’s satisfaction.

Finally, Seven-Eleven supply with each country and each place demand. For example in the business district, Seven-Eleven sells variety of foods. In the residental area, Seven-Eleven sells daily necessities.  Other example, Chinese prefer to newly made food rather than packed food from factory, so Seven-Eleven China cooks hot foods at each store and sells immediately.

Seven-Eleven better match supply with demand because of POS system and excellent marketing strategy.  In addition Seven-Eleven got a good impression according to welfare service and store staff’s high quality service. I think these are the reason of Seven-Eleven achieved success in Asia countries.




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