Article:Strategy Choices of Convenience Store Chains in China,with Particular Reference to Seven-Eleven and familyMart

Reference:Yukihito Sato,Strategy of Convenience Store Chains in China, with Particular Reference to Seven-Eleven and FamilyMart, IDE-JETRO,Cpp33-59,DOI:10.1177/0920203X08100947



This article compare two strategies which FamilyMart and Seven-Eleven Japan chosed when they began to set up businesses in China in 2004. FamilyMart chose a team management strategy which has two outstanding characteristics. Seven-Eleven chose a managing alone strategy which built up China subsidiary almost itself.  Two strategies have different advantages. The advantage of FamilyMart’s team management strategy is speed of setting up business. The advantage of Seven-Eleven’s managing alone strategy is can innovative experimentation, free of preconception.

In fast food marketing, their  strategies take different result clearly. FamilyMart’s strategy is moderate and adaptive.FamilyMart sell fast food more moderate, has been able to save time and resources to lay in a stock of fast foods because they cooperate with local retailars and already started franchising. Moreover fast foods adjusted local taste preference. Seven-Eleven’s strategy is more daring and more aggressive. It is cooks in each store to improve the taste and quality of fast foods.  Seven-Eleven made a kitchen in each store and aerves hot dishes cooked on the premises. Chinese consumer prefers hot food to cold ones.

FamilyMart and Seven-Eleven chosed opposite strategies. However both convenience stores succeeded in China. This article teach us important thing, that is method of convenience stores get a success in  foreign country is not only one.  The different strategy has different advantage.



This article is usefull because arguments are based on reference many other articles and summarize passages. This article is formal one.


I think this article is important in making our presentation. Because we focused on only Seven-Eleven atrategy. So we thought Seven-Eleven strategy is absolutely correct. In fact, othe strategy exist and it is correct too. I think the method of convenience store get a success is two ways, adapt to local culture and accepted by nation or change customs and make a new demand.  We should discuss which is better for a company and better for foreign country.


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  1. Hi Aru, Check your reference again. Inappropriate citation. Did you find any connection between this article and the other five article you have read? If so, be ready to explain your findings.


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