Article:The process of international business model transfer in the Seven-Eleven group:US-Japan-China

Reference:Toshiyuki Yahagi and Malobi Kar,The process of international business model transfer in yhe Seven-Eleven group:US-Japan-China,asia Pacific Business Review, 15,1,41-58,DOI:10.1080/13602380802399338



This article’s main topic is the process of  Seven-Eleven group development from US to Japan-China. But we focus on only Japan and China. The first time Seven Eleven use the Japanese convenience store systems,but it wasn’t go smoothly. Seven Eleven needed to change something.What is the difference between Seven Eleven Japan (SEJ) and Seven Eleven China (SEC).

The biggest difference point between SEJ and SEC is the fast food operation. The fast food is core product and main sales of convenience stores, it is same SEJ and SEC.  In SEJ, they procurement foods such  a rice ball, packed lunch,salad from factory uses original distribution network. I learned that from before article. However in SEC, they cooked in each stores. A reason of that is difference of national character Japan and China. Japanese people regard safety of foods. Chinese people regard freshness. Other point of difference product line-up.  SEJ sales about 2500-3000items SEC sales about 1300-1500items.

Japan and China are Asian countly but having different national character, so the convenient stores should adapt to each national character, loclity,purpose of use convenience stores.



This article is monograph of business, formal and professional. So this article has high reliability but including many difficult phrases, I can’t understand perfect.


Summarize this article convenience stores should adapt to each countly. This article is professional, I can learn some points for the first time, but almost points I already learned before from other articles. I  think this article is not useful for our business project.



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