Article:7-Eleven in Taiwan

Reference:Yuko Matsumoto(2012). 7-Eleven in Taiwan. National Chengchi University, No volume number,



This article explication about why 7-Eleven is successful in Taiwan and what is behind it.

The first 7-Eleven in Taiwan opened in 1980 with 27 stores. But the sale of that year only few billion in NTD. ‘-Eleven grew 62 stores in 1984, the sale still did not improve, they 33 stores has been closed. Nevertheless 7-Eleven stores did not stop increase the number of new stores and started to work 24 hours with all 168 stores. Since this turning point they started to expand their business in 2010. They expanded with 4733 chain stores the sale is NTD 1017.6 billion in a year. Why they started to expand, because their behind is UPEC.  Uni-President Enterprise Corporation (UPEC) is the company has many kinds of food manufacture branches, and dozes of products can be made through only one branch. For example starbucks Coffee Company,Mister Donuts, MujiCo they are subsidiaries of UPEC. So many subsidiaries under the UPEC and each of them quite popular companies in Taiwan.

From the article “The Almighty Convenience Store, 7-Eleven and Family Mart Companies” we can see nowadays Taiwanese people visit the convenience stores more often than before, the main consumer of convenience store is the working class people and their needs are food.  7-Eleven has more many kinds of food products than other convenience stores such as FAmily Mart, Hi-Life,because of the support of UPEC.

According to the article ” The Benchmarking Companies of Digital Servicein 2011″ service performance of convenience  store is very important. 7-Eleven has the detailed and specific personal management and 3 main management concepts such as work refinement, formal management, and the core value to the consumars. The 7-Eleven’s personal management is detailed which increase their work efficiency and regulation requires staff to be precise in work. So 7-Eleven’s management lead to the consumer’s satisfaction.

Taiwan is a high dense populated region, so small stores such as convenience store can be development mainstream in the future.7-Eleven always investigate the place to understand either the place can lead 7-Eleven’s success or not. And almost 7-Eleven stores constructed in the central. It is geographical strategies to decreasing the budget of advertising, increasing the image of the bisiness, being controlled and quality would be better, and increasing convenience.



This article based  14 other article’s information, we can learn the point with out reading many articles.   This article explanation about not only analyze the state of affairs but also future. It is useful for our project.



we can learn why 7-Eleven is successful in Taiwan.

*7-Eleven’s behind is UPEC. Because of this company 7-Eleven has  many kinds of food products than other convenience stores

*7-Eleven has the detailed and specific personal management . This is lead to the consumer’s satisfaction.

*7-Eleven’s geographical strategies.

There 3 points are common to ohter country such as Taiwan. Maybe we can see our business project’s perspective.



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