Article:Observations on the Marketing Strategies of Convenience Stores

Reference:Yasushi Takatori.Observations on the Marketing Strategies of Convenience Stores



This article explication the origin of convenience store and suggestion how convenience stores should cope with the coming aging of society in Japan.

The concept of the convenience store is originally from America. John Jefferson is a proposer. He staff of Dallas Southland Ice Company. He suggested to Joseph C.Thompson and five five finding directors for a new idea.  That is he wanted to not only sell ice.He wanted sell milk,eggs and bread at the store, tt’s makes big profit! Thompson agreed his idea and they established the store operating from 7 in the morning until 11 at night. They create a new name,,,7-Eleven. It is origin of convenience stores. After 50 years,7-Eleven stores were open for bisiness in Japan. They granted Ito-Yokado.  7-Eleven was a great success because they have advantage of 7-Eleven’s name and established systems of management and accounting. Soon afterwards, many other convenience stores were born and started intensive competition among Japan’s convenience stores. While intensive competition,convenience stores use of  2 method to win, P.O.S system and Cooperarive distribution center.  P.O.S system is monitoring the movement of commodities,customers sales and employees who deal with products inside the stores, and for transferring this information to main conputers. Convenience store managers can learn who is bought,  what kind of goods is popular. Convenience stores usually display onlt 3000 iems. they can good use oflimited space.   Cooperate distribution center is builted by 7-Eleven Japan. The merit is reduction of the total cost of distribution.

Convenience store’s advertisements emphasize fast food items. Because their main target is young customers. Convenience stores depend on the sales of fasy food. However the Japanese population rapidly aging.  If the convenience stores keep their usually strategies,  certainly they face big problem. They should cope focus on old person. Convenience stores not only to serve the needs of young people ,but also serve the needs of old person. Many of old person suffer from various geriatric disorders.  Convenience stores should develop nutritious fast food items that are good for the health of the aged.



This is useful source for our bisiness project. This article’s  opinion is  based on many analysis. The datas from other literature which is publicated famous company. But I can’t find where and when this article released…


This article explain the origin of convenience stores. It is important information for us. And this article explain  what should the convenience stores do for survive intensive competition. We should duscuss that’s problem and figure out our answer.






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