Article:The Customer Satisfaction Research of 7-ELEVEN Stores in Hong Kong

Reference:Xu,Y.Ye,X,&Zhang,F.(2013).The customer satisfaction research of 7-ELEVEN stores in hong kong.Journal of Service Science and Management.Retrieved from



In recent years convenience stores providing multitiple services including daily fresh foods, cafes,ticketing, a grocery and so on…convenience store operation is facing a revolution. It means customers evaluation is severer than bifore,and maybe it will more and more. Besides store of convenience store is increasing. So convenience stores have to win a harder competition. What is important  win to intense competition? The key word is customer satisfaction.In the past, the customer satisfaction is directly connected with economic satisfaction. However these days customers evaluating not only economic. Customor satisfaction has been widely.

The main topic of this article is customer satisfaction. This article studied about 7-eleven in Hong Kong. Convenience stores in Hong Kong are good example of  this research. In Hong Kong ,the service quality will directly affect to customer satisfaction. Because most of the convenience stores are franchised. Analysis of ‘-eleven in Hong Kong based on CCSI models. According to the this analysis, staff’s service quality is very important.It is including staff’s dress,staff’s intiative service, staff’s etiquette courtesy in service,staff’s are professional and can answer the questions. Hong Kong 7-elevens have four policies,complete ranges of goods,guarantee of quality and fresh,Hospitality,clean satisfaction. There is match with results of the analysis. So 7-eleven succeeded in the world.


We read this article, We thought it is useful source. We couldn’t see figures. It is regretful.


Before read it, we want to know what is the difference between 7-eleven in Japan and Hong Kong. But this article’s topic is customer satisfaction. We can’t know about what is the difference. However our main topic is why convenience store success worldwide. The knowledge from this article will  be basics of our business project.



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