A Matched Case-Control Study of Convenience Store Robbery Risk Factors

We read “A Matched Case-Control Study of Convenience Store Robbery Risk Factors”at last class. Our business project’s topic is Convenience Store. However this article is explain robbery at convenience store. The main theme is crime, not convenience store marketing, not seven eleven.  After we finished reading half,we noticed that truth. It’s too late.  But first half of article explain robbery at convenience stores. So I focus on first half of article.

Crime is a frequent occurrence at convenience stores. Convenience store clerks have been shown to be at risk for assault. So, convenience store is a subject for study of  prevention of crimes.  People make a study of 400 convenience store robberies, as a result characteristics of the surrounding environmenta and population were significantly associated with convenience store robbery. Crime prevention factor is store’s environment and  operational characteristics. Changing environmental designs,convenience stores can prevent robbery. This research conducted by Crow and Bull.They interviewed incarcerated robbers and utilized their opinion. Changing operational characteristics is prevent robbery too, include staffing,training.

Robbery at convenience stores is seem to not connection of our topic. Acutually robbery is happen at the convenience store many times anywhwre and anytime. It is a big subject to operation of a convenience store. Convenience stores should cange environment and operational charactaristics, try to prevent robbery.




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