Week3:Business Project

Our bisuness project’s topic is convenience store. These days ,  the convenience stores are open everywhwre. We can find a convenience store while walking 3 minutes. Convenience stores used in daily lives for Japanese people.The most popular convenient store is maybe 7-eleven. In addition, various convenient stores are popular, such as Lawson,FamilyMart,CircleKsunkus,,,and so on.The convenience stores are essential for our lifes. I don’t know why convenience stores got that popularity,why we use convenience store every day. I think Japanese people should knou that. So, we decided examine and discussion on  the convenience stores.

Whwn we choosed our topic,our group members suggested to search for other ideas such as music,books,sports, nobody seggested to search for convenient stores.

Firstly we thought the music is a good idea for our topic. Because it is a popular entertainment for every generations and each countries have a defferent culture.But my friend said “The music is so abstract, it is difficult to search.” I agreed to his opinion. The music was rejected to our topic.

Secondly, we thought The books is a fine. Many book stores are open in the city, such as near the station ,the floor of building.The most famous book store is Tsutaya. We know wide variety os book stores. But we don’t know,what each book store is different. We thought  every bookstore’s sales promotion is the same.

Thirdly, we were thinking about the sports.But we couldn’t connect sports and business.

We had difficulty, because our every first ideas are rejected. We kept silent and think about our topic. After few minutes my friend said “convenience Store!” All the members thought that’s a good idea.Because convenience store is popular in not only Japan, and each convenient store has different sales promotion.We decided our business project’s topic is Convenient Store.


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  1. Hi Aru,

    So, what do you want to know about the topic, convenience stores? Are you going to compare several stores or focus on one store for this project?




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