I use McDonald frequently,maybe once a week. The birthplace of McDonald is US and it is most popular restaurant in US., but McDonald is popular and essential in Janpan too. I didn’t know why McDonald can get big success. I read Mujtaba&Patel’s article. I understand that’s why.

Firstly, McDonald is try to training of the young human resources. It is not only in the US but also globbally, for example Hong Kong , Algentina. In there country McDonald training employees  on established education system. So the McDonald can serve fastly with good smile.I heard people who have worked at McDonald get advantage in job hunting.

Secondly , McDonald’s policy is Think global, Act global. They serving various hamburger for each country. for example cheap one,noy use beef… and so on. In japan, they sale the Teriyaki flavor hamburger. it is familiar flavor for Japanese.That why the people of the world accept and like McDonald.

That two reasons why McDonald can get big success in the world. I think McDonald will be more popular and essential restaurant all over the world



  1. Hi Aru, this entry is short. You are supposed to write your response in 200 words. How do you explain the policy “think global, act local” in your own words?


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